How A Suit Is Made

How A Suit Is Made

When you purchase a suit it is important to understand the craftsmanship of fine tailoring, the hidden materials that form the structure and what keeps your garment in shape throughout its lifetime.

Our attention to detail and service together with a vast knowledge of luxury product have ensured that since this business began, our clients have not only enjoyed their shopping experience, but recommended others safe in the knowledge that they will always be assisted in a professional and competent manner.

Artisan Craftsmanship

Like a building is born from a foundation, a correctly tailored suit is born from a structure so as to maintain the correct shape and look, but most importantly without compromising comfort or quality to the wearer.

“At Demain 1953, our suits are produced in Italy, using the traditional canvassed technique which  has been handed down from generation to generation by artisan tailors. This is known as a sartorial garment.”

Sartorial Quality

Creating a sartorial suit requires several steps. Firstly, a traditional canvas and chest piece made of only natural materials must be pre-shrunk by soaking them in cold water. This operation is essential so as to stop any shrinkage, which will affect the shape, look and hang of the suit.

Secondly, once the canvas is dry, the templates are cut into a form which is compatible with the size of the suit and then it is sewn in loosely to form the suit’s structure.

Thirdly, in order for that structure to stay in position, the tailor must fasten the interlinings to strategic parts of the jacket only, whilst letting the structure flow so as to allow the wearer that unsurpassed comfort experienced from such a technique.

Fourthly, a layer of felt is inserted so as to stop the canvas and horse hair rubbing through the lining of the jacket.

Fifthly, once the structure of the jacket is complete, the sleeves are stitched into place and the lining is sewn in, this operation is finished by hand with the same attention to detail by expert tailors and finishers.

Finally, after several further operations that include pressing by hand and a stringent quality control procedure only then is that suit ready to be offered to our clients.